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1 Pc Kraft Paper 12 Colors Multicolor Pencil With Sharpener

1 Pc Kraft Paper 12 Colors Multicolor Pencil With Sharpener

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  • Name: Color pencil drawing
  • Shell material: Basswood
  • Scope of use: Drawing pen
  • Soluble Or Not: Pastille
  • Brand Name: MY Kraft Paper
  • Model Number: Color pencil drawing
  • Lead Color: Colored
  • Lead Hardness: HB
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Choice: yes
  • semi_Choice: yes


Product name: Color pencil drawing

Product Size: Approximately 8.8cm * diameter 8mm (hard drum: high diameter 10.6cm * 3.5cm)

Material: Basswood

Product style: Multicolor

Packaging: 1 Pc (12 colored pencils)

product description

1. color pencil is a very easy to master painting tools, drawing out the effect and appearance are similar to a pencil, having a degree of transparency and color, when used on various types of paper, can be uniformly colored, smooth rendering

2. This wood color pen, 12 colors, long 8.8cm, high-grade hard Zhitong, a favorite color for a friend's gift

3. cover (color random) above all Zhaobi knife can be used to cap a pencil sharpener, easy to use

4. Color pencil cartridge containing pigment dye is fixed to the cartridge shape wax adhesive (vehicle) to make, the more vehicle content, the harder the cartridge

5. pencil texture, easily broken when painting knife and use Zhaobi

6.12 colors drawn effect lighter, fresh and simple, easy to be an eraser to the most