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Contec-VET Digital Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Contec-VET Digital Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Brand Name: Contec
  • Origin: CHINA
  • Material: ABS
  • Application: Arm
  • Item Type: Blood Pressure
  • Model Number: CONTEC08A
  • Certification: CE


Veterinary Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with

Free software and 3 Cuffs

Contec08A Vet +Infant + Neonate +Child Cuff

Brief introduction

CONTEC08A-VET is an Electronic Sphygmomanometer that can measure blood pressure for animals. The device features in full-automatic measurement, high-definition color LCD display and strong visibility. It has integrated parameter measure, display and record output in one device, and it adopts data review interface such as "data list", "trend chart", "big font" with easy and simple operation. It can be applied to routine test of family pets, animal hospital, clinic and farm, etc.

1.High-definition color LCD display, strong visibility.
2.Data storage function, up to 100 groups of data can be stored, by which measured data can be reviewed.
3.One-touch operation, automatic BP measurement, adopts oscillometric multistep deflation measurement method, good repeatability. When measurement error happens, device will prompt error message.
4.Physiological alarm function, alarm limits can be set the alarm limits. When blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the alarm will occur. Alarm switch can be set.
5.Supply two kinds of units: Kpa/mmHg, which can be set as user’s need. Audial and visual prompt when power is low.
6.With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can't be affected.
7.Three cuff mode: large, medium, small. User can choose corresponding cuff and cuff mode according to different body type of animals.
8.Store measured results with date and time.
9.Function of automatic power-off.
Measurement method: Oscillometric method
Measurement range: 0kPa (0mmHg)~38.67kPa (290mmHg)
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: Static pressure: ±0.4kPa(±3mmHg)
Inflation: automatic inflation by force pump
Deflation: automatic multistep deflation
Display: 2.8" color LCD screen
Power: four “AA” batteries/5V or 6V power adapter
Safety: class Ⅱ device type BF applied part

3 Cuffs  (6-11cm,10-19cm,18-26cm)
User manual
PC Software(download online)
Power adapter (optional)

5.Physical characteristic
Dimension: 130mm(L) ×110mm(W) × 80mm(H)
Weight: 300 g (without battery)
Operational environment
Temperature: 5 ˚C~40 ˚C
Relative humidity: 15%~80%
Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa
Storage environment:
Temperature:  -20˚C ~ +55 ˚C
Relative humidity: ≤95 %
Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa