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Mini voice recorder

Mini voice recorder

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  • Brand Name: STTWUNAKE
  • Playback Formats: WMA
  • Playback Formats: WAV
  • Playback Formats: mp3
  • Record Audio Format: WMA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • External Memory: No
  • With Speakers: No
  • Balanced Out: Yes
  • Model Number: Q76
  • Package: Yes
  • External Microphone: No

Dimensions (WxHxD): 110*20*20mm

Voice Activated Recording: Yes

Magnetic adsorption: YES

Intelligent Voice-control recording: YES

600 hours recording: YES

365 days standby: YES

Timestamps: YES

One-touch recording: YES

DGC noise reduction: YES

STTWUNAKE Mini voice recorder 600 hours digital recording device professional sound dictaphone audio listening micro record portable small

  • Package:

  • Voice recorder *1

  • User manual *1

  • Data cable*1

  • Product parameters Q500:

  • Magnetic adsorptionVoice-control recording

  • MP3 music

  • Long standby

  • Product color: Black

  • Material: Metal

  • Recording time:600 hours

  • Recording format: WAV

  • Standby time: 365 days

  • Battery capacity: 3800 mA

  • Sample rate: 48KHZ

  • Bit rate: 192kpbs

  • Size:110x20x20mm

  • Product name Q76:

  • 1.Szie:72 * 27 * 23mm

  • 2,Built-in large capacity lithium battery, 600 hours, continuous 365 days standby, charging time 10 hours.

  • 3,Using DSP professional recording noise reduction chip, noise reduction recording clear.

  • 4,Super magnetic adsorption, which greatly reduces the high-decibel noise generated by friction or collision, increases the clarity of the recording, and is 40% more efficient than ordinary tape recorders.

  • 5,Voice activated recording,When the sound is less than 30 decibels, the recorder stops recording, and when the sound is greater than 30 decibels, the recorder starts recording. Save battery and memory.

  • 6,One-click recording,Simple and beautiful design, just push the switch to start recording.

  • 7,Long distance recording,Two-channel 360° stereo recording, high-definition pickup. As long as the human ear can hear the sound,the tape recorder can record.

  • 8,Smart time stamp,the recording file is named after the time,which is convenient for users to find the file.

  • 9,Computer connection and mobile phone connection (mobile phone connection only supports Android). Support Android mobile phone OTG connection, can play recordings on mobile phones, view upload management files at any time (only for Android phones).

Smart Voice


HD intelligent noise

reduction voice recorder

Powerful function

strong responsibility

Not only the appearance,

but also the performance is more powerful


fast forward and

backward playback

digital noise


lossless music



saving when


time stamp

local deletion

365-day standby

strong magnetic




500H recording

German condenser microphone

Magnetic adsorption long standby Vioce Recorder

The microphone is the core component that determines the sound quality of the recording. The high-quality microphone keeps the detail retention rate at 98%.

Intelligent voice-activated


Start the era of intelligent voice-activated recording, record when there is sound, pause when there is no sound, record when you want to record, stop when you want to stop, extend recording while saving memory space.

Smart file management,smart time stamping.

Built-in time chip, with automatic time synchronization function, recording files are named by time (year, month, day, hour, minute, second)

start recording

Finished 10:30:30

start recording

Saving the file



Simple operation reject tedious operation

It is simple operation,then convenient and fast, and the one-click recording function records the voice which you want.

One-click recording

Support PCM audio recorder

PCM encoding is an adaptive differential pulse code modulation technology, which can save the audio data without loss and preserve the high-definition original sound.

Intelligent segmentation recording

For long-time recording, file search difficult problems, specially developed intelligent file naming and intelligent partitioning function, can record files in accordance with the recording time, segmentation, 5 hours automatically stored as a file5 hours automatically stored as a file

Strong magnetic adsorption

worry-free working

Built-in strong attraction magnet, when you explain in a work meeting, it can be adsorbed on the blackboard, not only recording the whole process of explaining, but also recording the inspirational opinions of the participants.

Applicable scenarios

Applicable to a variety of scenarios to improve work and study efficiency.

Conference recording

Classroom recording

Interview speech

Business Cooperation


Recording format:WAV/MP3

Playback formatMP3\WMA\APE\FLA\OGG\AAC\AAX\M4A

Recording method:one-key recording

BatteryEnvironmentally friendly polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity:3200 mAh

Bit rate:32Kbit-1536Kbit

Recording time:about 600 hours

Standby time:about 365 days

Built-in memory:64GB/128GB

Product size:72mm*27mm*22.94mm

Magnetic adsorption long standby Vioce Recorder

Magnetic adsorption

Voice-control recording


Automatically save files and shut down when power is low

Through the wall recording

One-touch recording

MP3 music

Split recording

Long standby

600 hours continuous recording

365 days standby

Built-in 3800 high-capacity lithium battery

Through the wall recording

Get the recording you want

Recording up to 50 meters in an open space,Can pass through one wall.

STTWUNAKE to help you get the recording you need
STTWUNAKE-Recording expert Magnetic adsorption long standby Vioce Recorder Magnetic adsorption  Install everywhere 600 hours recording PCM lossless ultra-clear recording Dynamic noise reduction Sound clarity 50 meters range long distance recording

magnetic adsorption

Super magnetic adsorption, which greatly reduces the high-decibel noise generated by friction or collision, increases the clarity of the recording, and is 40% more efficient than ordinary tape recorders.



Dynamic noise reduction Sound clearer

Using the latest dynamic noise reduction technology, it can restore human voice fidelity more effectively, greatly reduce environmental noise, filter noise, and enable users to hear the recorded content more clearly

PCM lossless ultra-clear recording4 times better sound quality than ordinary vioce recorder

Voice-control recording  Save memory

The recorder starts recording when there is a sound, and the recorder stops recording when there is no sound.  To achieve memory savings

50 meters range sensitive recordingThe voice recorder can record all the sounds around the voice recorder.



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Recording format:WAV/MP3

Playback format:MP3\WMA\APE\FLA\OGG\AAC\AAX\M4A

Recording method:one-key recording

Battery:Environmentally friendly polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity:3200 mAh

Bit rate:32Kbit-1536Kbit

Recording time:about 600 hours

Standby time:about 365 days