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Multifunctional Strong Water Absorption PVA Cleaning Sponge

Multifunctional Strong Water Absorption PVA Cleaning Sponge

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  • Brand Name: HARKO
  • Material: PVA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Hubei
  • CN: Hubei
Product name: Multifunctional absorbent PVA sponge
Product color: green, blue, red, yellow, beige, gray (color randomly issued)
Product size: 10.5*5.5*4.3cm
Product material: PVA
Product weight: net weight (about) 34g gross weight (about) 36.5g
Applicable models: Universal
Quantity: 1 absorbent sponge

1. It has strong water absorption capacity and is easy to maintain.
2. Soft and delicate touch, comfortable and smooth to the touch, smooth and delicate surface, long-term use without fuzz.
3. It is strong and tough, can resist tension and tear, and can withstand multiple uses.
4. Manufactured with imported PVA special technology, its tensile strength is far better than that of ordinary sponges and any towels, non-toxic and side effects on the contact surface, and it is hard block when dry to prevent the invasion and reproduction of bacteria.
5. When not in use, it can be completely dried to harden, so that bacteria cannot grow, and it will soften quickly after encountering water.
6. No cotton wool and water marks are left after wiping, and it is durable.

【Suitable for use】:
1. Car wash
2. Furniture cleaning
3. Household glass cleaning
Fourth, it can also be used for cleaning kitchen utensils, as well as cleaning of electrical appliances (such as washing machines, refrigerator surfaces), etc.

1. When using, please rub the product with water for 10 seconds to remove the moisturizing agent and wring it out before use.
2. This product is in the form of a hard lump when dry. It becomes soft when soaked in water before use, and it can be used by wringing out.
3. For continuous use, store after drying.