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Silicone Head Body Massager

Silicone Head Body Massager

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  • type 7: hairbrush
  • type 6: Functional Mini Mirror Folding Comb
  • type 5: Hairdressing Combs
  • type 4: Hair Styling Tools
  • type 3: Massager Hairbrush
  • type 2: Hair Brush Comb
  • type 1: hair brush
  • size:: app 9 X 7cm
  • package: 1 x Massage hair comb
  • for: girls,women
  • Size: app 9 X 7cm

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: Y5Y100

Material: silicone

Item Type: Comb

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Hair Scalp master Professional Shampoo Brush Invigorating Scalp Massager Comb !
Use this shampoo brush to invigorate your scalp by gently lifting away dead skin cells and increase the blood flow to your scalp.
You will feel great after using this massager brush, and your hair will be healthier with less flaking from your scalp.
This brush can also be used for spreading gels, waxes and pomades during styling.
It's gentle enough to keep your hair and scalp healthy and vibrant.
Perfect brush to keep in your shower for daily use as well as all hair types.
Size:app 9 X 7cm
Package included:
1X Head Scalp Massager